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Mr. Müeck's story
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How did a man change a 25-years-old-tradition in his company

Mr. Müeck is German and he was born and he lives in Frankfurt. He works as an exejutive man in a multinational french company, coming from a German company.

On January 2003, as every year since 1976, the multinational company where he works organizes a convention. This year the convention took place in Barcelona, Spain.

7 executive men came from Frankfurt. Convention was held in the same hotel where the whole staff were accommodated. It is a four-stars-hotel, located in Barcelona-town-centre.

Convention started the 20th of January, at 16:30. Mr. Müeck, arrived next day, the 21st, at 10:20. He left his luggage at the hotel reception because there was no time, convention was about to start.

Back to the hotel, Mr. Müeck realized that he hadn't got a room because there was a mistake with his booking. The hotel management offered Mr. Müeck, a room in another hotel from the same chain. But this hotel was far from the conventon; so, finally Mr. Müeck got a room in other hotel, near the first one, but from anhotes hotel chain.

Next day, at the convention, Mr. Müeck mentioned that, in the new hotel, he could watchin TV the channels he usually watched in Germany. At first glance, it seemed to be a easy anecdote, but it was spreading among the convention members; and all of them agreed about that hotels didn't usually offer a good TV (specially for foreign people). And what is more, they had never complained about that. If they couldn't watch a special channel, thay changed or just turned off TV.

At the same time as convention, there was an important football championship. And, most of convention members, were fonf of football. One day, at night, each person were trying to watch his country team footboll match, but most of them couldn't. Next day, the thing was that Mr. Müeck was the only one who could watch the matches.

TV turned into the second subject at the convention, specifically TV that hotels offered.

The issue arrived to the organizers. Once convention were finished, organizers asked for a hotel evaluation (including TV services). So when they analyzed the outcomes, they decided to change the hotel. Next years, the convention would be in a near hotel with anhoter kind of services (like a complete list of TV channels).

The same hotel where Mr. Müeck is going to bring his family this spring when they visit Barcelona.

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